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Hey guys and welcome on our new site! We will share tips and tricks on how to be not the most muscular person you know but the most MOSCULAAARRRRR. You know what that means? :) Be polyvalent online and know everything you need to know! We will accomplish that together without a single doubt! We will share with you the greatests tutorials on how to become someone that knows everything and be the most advanced person you know when talking about technology! Are you ready for that?? So are we!

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Hello guys what’s up? New post here! So we decided for our first post since many of you are young and have asked us for this to tell you more about the dragon ball Z dokkan battle game and then show you how to get a shit ton of ressources. So let’s go shall we?

Face opponents being formidable the animated series! Explore your chosen places in an entire method in which is a new comer to a unique game play in the way of a board game! Use objects which are many enhancement extra to strengthen your staff, and supply yourself with courage for fighting in the future!

Intense activity beyond the restrictions!
Simply push the ki balls in the screen to engage a combat this is certainly supersonic! The battles are incredibly intense that the display screen will likely not support all of them! Awaken the possibility that is true of favorite figures from Dragon Ball and then make all of them stronger than they have ever before been! You have never ever known Dragon Ball similar to this!

Assemble the group this is certainly special of ambitions!
Create your team this is certainly very own from wide selection of Dragon Ball! You may also group specific figures to stimulate building backlinks that is powerful! Only Dokkan Battle provides the freedom to assemble the group virtually you desire! Bring your fighters devoted to your battlefield and become area of the elite!

Time is short!
The storyline starts once the correct time machine Trunks crash-lands on a planet where schedule was in chaos! Which could possibly be behind this turn that is sinister of? Team up with Trunks to unravel the secret battling a multitude of understood enemies in the correct path. The fate for the Dragon Ball world rests in your shoulders!

So I hope you’re ready for this!! Well now for the part of getting free dragon ball z dokkan battle hack shit well it’s not really that easy…

But anyways our guess is you should find sites like the one we linked above. We haven’t tried any but it’s just an example or simply work hard enough…

Anyways we hope this guide was hopeful to know a bit more about dragon ball Z dokkan battle :) !

You can also check their epic god damn dragon city hack 2016 which is a pure beast.

9 tips and tricks to become a master of Snapchat


It is known: Snapchat is a difficult social network to master, because of a lot of more or less hidden parameters. It explains everything, after you will just have to get creative!

If it’s been that you wanted to improve your knowledge of Snapchat, you typed in the right place.¬†To you glory and success!


Location-based filters are special: they are different depending on your location. Thus, they are a great way to show off easily and show how your travels are outstanding.

Finally it is for honest people. If you do not want to leave your couch and make believe that you are in Tokyo, there is nothing simpler. Snapchat is based on your location to offer its filters: just give him a fake!

Applications like Fake Location Spoofer deceive your smartphone: Give a rental, and you’re there!¬†Once this is done, you just have to return to Snapchat and your followers to drool …


If you are fed up of using conventional filters, try this little trick.

After taking a picture, press the small paper icon at the top right of your screen, and put emoji on the image. Then scale it up until it becomes translucent pixelated cloud and move it on the image to change the mood of the colors.

If you do well you will get an absolutely unique color filter.


Add text to an image is a basic parameter of Snapchat, but there is always a limit of character.

If you want to write a real essay, go to any app for taking notes and press Enter to get a few lines without text. Copy / paste it into the text bar Snapchat and (magic!) You will have a large writing area where you can play.

You should have more than 17 lines of text using this method, but in this case we rather advise you to send an email instead.


Snapchat offers several types of filters.¬†One can find color filters, as well as “informative” (that add time, speed or temperature) and location-based filters mentioned earlier.

For the first two types of filters on a single image or video, it’s pretty simple.¬†Hold your finger on the screen when a filter please and use another finger to keep searching the second filter you want.¬†There you go !



That’s the rule on Snapchat: if you take a screenshot of a Snapchat screen, the person who sent you will know.¬†But you can divert this function using an application to record your screen before you open a new message.¬†This lets you record videos and photos without the sender’s knowledge.¬†Malin.


Everyone already knows how to access the colors in Snapchat (otherwise the top right pencil should help you), but few have mastered the option of transparent colors.

Android users have the option to apply any color making them transparent.¬†Hold down the color bar, and slightly move your finger to the left to reveal other colored columns.¬†The middle gives you access to their transparent form.¬†It’s your turn ! And don’t forget to use this hack snapchat.

Add music to videos

Do you want that your recipient can enjoy your choreography beautifully interpreted with an air of Bruno Mars? No worries: just play the music you want on your phone while you take the video! There will be some disruption but the music will remainpredominant in your video, especially if you are in a quiet location.



If the options of customization in Snapchat are not sufficient for you, you can always download an external mod for still more opportunities. Snapcolors allows you to change the size and color of text and the band that surrounds it.


The hardest part is the download of the mod itself. It only works on Android rootesdevices, and it requires a bit of preparation. Download Xposed Framework and allow unknown Sources.


Once that is done, download Snapcolors, and you should be able to change the colors of the text and the text bar using the volume control buttons. To change the size, write any number between 1 and 250 in the text bar and wait for it to grow up alone.



Snapchat,¬†it’s¬†the snapshot:¬†you¬†take¬†a¬†picture¬†and¬†presto!¬†She¬†goes.¬†But¬†if¬†you¬†wantto¬†send¬†a¬†photo¬†already¬†taken?¬†Several¬†applications¬†now¬†allow¬†to upload¬†your¬†photos¬†and¬†videos¬†from¬†your¬†gallery¬†to¬†your¬†Snapchat.


Upload’Roll¬†for¬†example¬†allows¬†you¬†to upload¬†but¬†also¬†edit¬†your¬†photos/videos¬†by¬†adding¬†a¬†text¬†and¬†a¬†filter¬†to¬†the¬†Snapchat.¬†You¬†can¬†also¬†change¬†the¬†font¬†of¬†the¬†text!


This¬†isn’t¬†really¬†in¬†the spirit¬†of¬†Snapchat,¬†but¬†after¬†all¬†it is¬†good¬†to have¬†this¬†possibility.
Weight Loss Weight

Swedish Weight Loss Services has an integrated team of medical professionals to provide you with quality care, ongoing support and years of experience in managing obesity. While many of the contestants kept enough weight off to improve their health and became more physically active, the low weights they strived to keep eluded all but one of them: Erinn Egbert, a full-time caregiver for her mother in Versailles, Ky. And she struggles mightily to keep the pounds off because her metabolism burns 552 fewer calories a day than would be expected for someone her size. perdre du ventre

We calculated the homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) according to the following equation 28 : insulin (U/ml) √ó fasting glucose (mmol/liter) √∑ 22.5. For a mean (¬ĪSD) difference between groups of at least 2¬Ī10 kg of weight loss, with 100 participants per group and a type I error of 5%, the power to detect significant differences in weight loss is greater than 90%.

Circulating leptin, which reflects body-fat mass, decreased significantly (P<0.05) in all diet groups, with no significant differences among the groups in the amount of decrease; the decrease in leptin paralleled the decrease in body weight during the two phases ( Figure 4C ). The interaction between the effects of low-carbohydrate diet and sex on the reduction of leptin (P=0.04), as compared with the low-fat diet, reflects the greater effect of the low-carbohydrate diet among men.

In addition to producing weight loss in this moderately obese group of participants, the low-carbohydrate and Mediterranean diets had some beneficial metabolic effects, a result suggesting that these dietary strategies might be considered in clinical practice and that diets might be individualized according to personal preferences and metabolic needs.

Losing weight is one of the most difficult task to do. Weight loss is a very complicated task for every overweight person but losing weight for them is really important as well. My goal is 90 days and it is for weight loss rather than getting off medicine as in my last reboot, while I lost close to 50lbs last time my objective was not weight loss but the benefit of loosing the weight was good. And while it is not known why that weight can change over the years ‚ÄĒ it may be an effect of aging ‚ÄĒ at any point, there is a weight that is easy to maintain, and that is the weight the body fights to defend.

And anyways they also offer on their site some nice meds to lose weight you should defo check out people! I love the most the forskolin.